7 Skills That Better Be on Your Resume if You Want to Land

7 Skills That Better Be on Your Resume if You Want to Land

Still, it’s best practice to tailor your application based on the company’s job description. Also, use other eye-catching keywords to showcase why you are the perfect candidate – “problem-solver,” “natural leader,” “excellent time-management,” and more. Typically, in a resume, you mention what you did in your prior jobs, whereas in this case, specify the responsibilities you’ve taken off-site. Employment history entries normally include the company’s corporate location as part of the conventional information. Shift the typical format and add “Remote” or “Freelance” to the place where you would mention the company’s city and state. This way shows that various firms put their trust in you to work for their organization from different locations.

  • To thrive in a work-from-home-office environment, employees need to present different skills to do so.
  • It may provide some comfort that you won’t struggle with working from home if you’ve done it before.
  • While not as important as your remote resume, they can definitely help you stand out from other applicants and more than half of employers prefer candidates who submit a cover letter.
  • So you should compile everything you need into a reference sheet, one handy—and well-formatted—document that can expedite the hiring process in the final stages.
  • Add them to your resume but don’t just list these skills, explain how they helped you complete your work successfully.
  • In this guide, we’ve put together a few tips to help you get started, as well as some examples of remote work accomplishments you can list on your resume.

These are the programs that remote teams tell us they use most often. Take a look at these and pick one or two from each group to learn, or identify different programs listed in job postings that you’re seeing that you may need to know. There might be something different than what is on this list. There are lots of project management tools that aren’t listed here because those are not used with every team, but they are used with some teams.


Therefore, if you wish to secure a remote job, add details about your employment experience and skills and how they are beneficial to the company. As with any resume, your work experience should be tailored to suit the job you are applying to. You can do this by closely reading the job description and company website to learn what skills and experience the company is looking for.

if a job was remote what do you put on resume

Format consistently – if you use period at the end of the bullet, be sure to do so throughout the document. For remote employees and contractors, it’s important to demonstrate the work samples. If you’re a copywriter, web developer, or graphic designer, create an online portfolio and collect your best work there.

For Job Seekers

For some jobs or tasks, all that’s needed is a laptop with a stable internet connection. The work experience section is the most critical part of your remote resume. These templates are built with such software in mind guaranteeing that the system will be able to read your resume. For example, if you are an excellent communicator, showcase your skill and stay connected through video and phone calls, or email, as these are the most popular ways of remote communication. And more importantly, without face-to-face interaction, no one is there to motivate you either. Try to incorporate your remote work setup in your resume to truly demonstrate your dedication.

Punctuality, adaptability, effective communication, and strong time-management skills are also essential to remote work. Most resumes should have a professional summary and a section for key skills. These are perfect sections to customize slightly for each job, ensuring that you have all of the relevant key skills in your resume. The skills listed here are the things that employers tell us they are looking for. When we ask employers about the top skills they look for in remote candidates other than their ability to do the specific job, they say communication, communication, communication.

How to Include Remote Work on Your Resume

And though that doesn’t mean you’re not a part of a team, remote employers expect you to be independent. It’s not so easy to pop into your boss’s office or your coworker’s cubicle to get an answer to a question when you’re separated by miles and time how to list remote work on resume zones. If you have previous remote work experience and you notice that the job description is heavily emphasizing remote work, dedicate a new section. It’s hard to objectively evaluate the quality of your resume if you’re not an HR professional.

  • If the job description only said “communication skills,” this would be good for that because you’ve got communication skills there.
  • The skills listed here are the things that employers tell us they are looking for.
  • When you apply for a hybrid or remote position, you should have in mind to enhance the skills that will demonstrate to the hiring managers that you are dependable and responsible in your remote job.
  • The second thing you want to do is learn digital communication tools if you are unfamiliar with some of those very common ones.
  • I spent 25 years working a desk job as an editor at California’s San Jose Mercury News.
  • If you’ll be leading a team of people who are working remotely or on a hybrid schedule, be explicit about your ability to manage employees without being face to face.