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CPA Study Materials FREE Gleim Exam Prep Courses

This resource includes actual AICPA-released CPA Exam questions, as well as sample questions written by our team of experts covering all four parts of the CPA Exam. When you’re ready to experience our adaptive CPA review, sign up for the free Gleim course demo. It grants 18 months of unlimited access to an entire study unit in one exam section of Gleim Premium CPA Review. As soon as you log in, our SmartAdaptTM technology starts assessing your strengths and weaknesses with a quick study session.

  • Therefore, costs for promoting and selling partnership interests are not deductible.
  • The AICPA sample tests only include answer explanations for the task-based simulations or TBSs.
  • You can acquaint yourself with the look and layout of the exam in the last few days before your testing appointment.
  • However, the $10,000 fees for promoting and selling partnership interests (ie, syndication costs) do not.
  • These activities do not provide evidence that supports or refutes management assertions regarding the financial statements.

You can acquaint yourself with the look and layout of the exam in the last few days before your testing appointment. In this scenario, Link Corp.’s payment obligation is contingent on customer demand. Therefore, collection is not probable until this is determined, at the 12-month deadline.


Criticism (eg, book reviews), news, education, and research are examples of fair use (Choices B, C, and D). (Choice C) The cost of the 150,000 treasury shares issued is $900,000; however, this amount is not recorded as an expense. Instead, the expense recorded is based on Wall’s financial contribution to the ESPP. Publicly traded companies must file reports with the SEC so investors and the public receive material information in a timely manner. Users of this information must make vital decisions about providing resources (eg, investing or providing credit) to the company.

  • For example, the 2020 pass rates for Q1 are AUD 47.97%, BEC 61.76%, FAR 46.37%, and REG 55.42%.
  • During an audit, client management asserts that the financial statements are complete, clear, correct, and in compliance with GAAP or an acceptable financial reporting framework.
  • For instance, mineral rights are different than the minerals themselves.
  • However, buying a CPA review course also saves you a great deal of time and money.
  • A section should take less than 30 minutes to complete, and you can save your progress and return later.

Net income (loss) is closed annually to an entity’s retained earnings. Materiality thresholds are based on the type or amount of misstatement that might influence the decisions made by users of the financial statements. The auditor may compare financial (eg, equipment depreciation expense) and nonfinancial (eg, vendor information about equipment’s expected useful life) information. This comparison can provide evidence regarding the validity of the valuation assertion (eg, depreciation expense is based on reasonable estimates). With that being said, candidates may save a lot of time by investing in a CPA review course. If a concept is not clicking in your accounting course, try to learn that topic from within the free trial.

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Be sure to use the CPA practice exams above to get an idea of where you should be spending your time studying. The CPA sample questions included above will help you get a better understanding of what is actually tested on the exam. The CPA exam has 3 different kinds of questions – multiple choice, task-based simulations, and written communication tasks. Prep courses will cover all materials that will be tested on the exam. As well as covering all materials, they will also be continuously updated to reflect the most current information.

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Candidates concerned about passing the CPA exam should check out our review of the best CPA Review courses. 90% of information received by the brain is visual, so if you are a visual learner, you want a course that provides high-quality, educational illustrations that complement the answer explanations. If you are an auditory learner, you will benefit from engaging and innovative lectures. It is important to select a CPA Review course that suits your learning style. The New Jersey Society of Certified Public Accountants, or NJCPA, has some publicly available CPA resources and free CPA questions.

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For access to more sample CPA questions with detailed explanations sign up for a free trial of the Wiley CPA Review Course. The free stuff from Gleim also comprises hot topic webinars and videos. Our professional educators and certified accountants present lectures and host discussions that will help you become a CPA. You can register for upcoming live webinars or access recordings of previous webinars.

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Decide if the course is able to break down that difficult topic and make it more understandable. The CPA Exam is a beast of information, so you’ll want to identify a product that can help you gain topic mastery quickly and efficiently. In this example, the General Fund paid and recorded as an expenditure all of an invoice that included a portion that pertained to another fund. The Enterprise Fund should record an increase in expense at the time the reimbursement is made.

If the minerals are bundled with the extraction right, then they are real property. If the minerals are sold separately, either before or after extraction, they are personal property. Crops savings account under cultivation are unique since they can be considered real or personal property depending on the context. If a farmer sells land (with the growing crops), the crops are real property.