The Highest-Paying Remote Jobs Up-sell Your Amazing Skills

The Highest-Paying Remote Jobs Up-sell Your Amazing Skills

Familiarizing yourself with version control systems like Git and platforms like GitHub or GitLab, understanding how to manage and collaborate on code repositories. Enrolling in online courses, watch tutorials, or attend workshops that focus on front-end development. Exploring tools like Ansible, Chef, Puppet, or Terraform for automating infrastructure provisioning and configuration management. Understanding containerization technologies like Docker and container orchestration tools such as Kubernetes to manage and deploy containerized applications.

You must have strong analytical skills and sharp attention to details. Skillshare, an online learning platform for the creative industry, is looking for a senior manager. Your responsibilities would include optimizing and developing software and managing design and production projects. You need experience in design-resource management and client service. Nearly all remote jobs require you to be in a certain city, state, or country because of tax, legal, and licensing issues, according to FlexJobs.

Learn a new language

If you’re interested in working at the intersection of technology and design, then a career in user experience (UX) could be a good fit. Help make products more usable, enjoyable, and accessible with a host of remote-friendly tools. Cybersecurity analysts protect computer networks and systems at a company or organization.

highest paying jobs you can do remotely

Macy graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in Journalism and Mass Communications. Through her website and social media accounts, Macy has worked and collaborated with a variety of popular brands including Women’s Health, Contacts, Liquid IV, Clif Bar, and Lean Cuisine. Product Managers work at all stages of product development, marketing campaigns, and data analysis in fields ranging from healthcare to consumer and B2B products for salaries of up to $200,000. Even those with fewer years of experience and education can find a lucrative position with remote companies or brick-and-mortar companies that offer remote opportunities. Am I capable of speaking up with my colleagues and manager when I have questions or need help? Am I comfortable being my own advocate when it comes to recognition, promotions, and raises?

Remote Jobs That Actually Pay A Ton Of Money

The job is a hybrid role between that of a developer and a designer. A Benefits Administrator takes care of the company’s employees and aligns them with the benefits remotely. Remote working is now a trendsetter for numerous professionals and entrepreneurs. The benefits stand high above the minor challenges faced while working from home. Companies and firms are focusing on telecommuting jobs to extract the best of skills from anywhere in the world. The average annual salary for a User Experience Researcher in the US is $76,829.

highest paying jobs you can do remotely

Full-stack developers both design and code websites, while webmasters manage and update them. The online nature of web development means that it can be done as easily from home as in an office. Jen is a content editor and writer with over 15 years of experience in the careers, personal finance, and small business space. She has previously written for The Balance and, and now tackles all things hiring for Careercloud. Jen has a BA in English from the University of Massachusetts – Amherst. For the past few years, I have been examining the top companies that offer fully remote or work-from-home jobs.

Online Teacher

This role will lead the strategic direction and vision of the design organization, which makes web apps. You must have management experience in user-experience design and product design. A Software Engineer designs, develops, and maintains software applications and systems to meet specific user needs and technological requirements. In the list, you’ll see average full-time annual salaries in the US for each role type.

They need to possess a sound understanding of the sales preferences for a company’s products or services. The different therapies that are normally leveraged for the treatment are interpersonal, behavioural, cognitive, social and emotional procedures. A Bachelor’s degree in psychology is preferred for entry level jobs. For higher pay and a higher position, a Master’s in psychology is advantageous. Senior Business Analyst analyses a company’s data to understand the challenges and companies of the company.

This year, FluentU—an online education company that offers innovative language immersion through real-world video content—is at the top of the list. “They have a mission-driven approach and are 100% remote with a workforce distributed around the world, which likely makes them attractive to many job seekers,” highest paid remote jobs says Spencer. And in case you’re thinking that these positions are freelance, think again—most of the work-from-anywhere remote jobs are full-time staff positions, complete with benefits. Whether you are looking for full-time or part-time employment, there is likely a remote position out there for you.

  • Public relations directors oversee the public image of an organization.
  • For example, if you are in marketing, web design, or even copywriting, knowledge of SEO techniques might be helpful.
  • A data entry clerk is responsible for inputting data into a company’s system.
  • These exams often include the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP) and possibly a state-specific jurisprudence exam.
  • The medical director creates protocols and guidelines, leads clinical staff, oversees quality assurance, and acts as a liaison to network facilities.
  • It can include the impact of any changes on a product or service on human lives, environment etc.