What is LADbible and how do they make money? + Net Worth

What is LADbible and how do they make money? + Net Worth

LADbible is pretty unique in its creativity and its ability to appeal continually to its target audience, which isn’t just lads. Research has suggested 20% of women also read and enjoy the site. The theory is that once you get a foothold in the market, you can start to expand and make yourself acceptable to a wider demographic. The company makes money through branding and partnerships, while it was reported that it made more than £1 million per annum from advertising. Many organisations and companies advertise on its site, covering the whole spectrum – from Sony PlayStation to Oxfam. Later in 2016, LADbible launched a new campaign, Climate Change, aimed at promoting the need to protect the environment and our planet.

Backtrack 10 years and BuzzFeed, Vice Media and Huffington Post were the online media stars promising to revolutionise journalism amid a digital advertising boom. Their aspirations proved unattainable in an environment dominated by Google and Facebook. With so many platforms, formats, audiences and topics, it’s difficult for major publishers to move at a quick pace while maintaining a unified view, but that’s where Tubular and Chartbeat enter the chat. Some of their posts dropped on social media platforms have caused anger between religions. LADbible Group is a  British Digital Publisher which is much more popular in the United Kingdom.

The Lad Bible Limited is the first name when it was founded. Then it changed its name to The Global Social Media Group Limited on 18th November 2013. ripple cfds Again it changed its name to 65TWENTY LTD in June 2014. Finally, it changed its name again to Lad bible Group Limited on 16th November 2015.

  1. Then it changed its name to The Global Social Media Group Limited on 18th November 2013.
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  3. In the process, it has transformed into a fully-fledged media group with titles including LADbible, UNILAD, Tyla, SPORTbible and GAMINGbible.
  4. Then, in a central kitchen area, an expensive-looking coffee machine has a laminated sign sellotaped on, reading ‘Do NOT use this machine during filming’.
  5. “I wasn’t allowed in the office, but they made me write really long articles that weren’t read or published,” he says.

Walker managed to claw back about £5,500 of what he was owed by Unilad, after taking a hard drive containing client material hostage, but he’s still owed around £3,500 in unpaid invoices. At this point, according to Newswhip, in August of 2018 Unilad was still Facebook’s fourth biggest publisher, bigger even than MailOnline or the New York Times. The site where “Sexual Mathematics” appeared was founded in 2010 by Alex Partridge, a former private school pupil and student at Oxford Brookes University.

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It set up Joyride, a creative agency designed to extract more money from advertisers targeting its younger audience, before gulping down rival online publisher, Unilad, when it plunged into administration in 2018. “Our high engagement with the hard to reach youth audience drives traffic on their platforms and subsequent monetisation opportunities that result from brand engagement,” he adds. Yet the story surrounding the social media hit-maker carries a sense of deja vu.


Then, in a central kitchen area, an expensive-looking coffee machine has a laminated sign sellotaped on, reading ‘Do NOT use this machine during filming’. It rattles into life once during my visit and shakes the premises like an industrial cement mixer. There’s always filming going on in the Lad Studio, I realize. There is a second studio opening in the Manchester office soon. Today’s headlines and latest breaking news from the UK and around the world. Solomou will seek to cast aside preconceptions again when he takes the business to the public markets.

They launched a mental health campaign called “U OK M8? ” in September 2016, raising awareness of male mental health problems. The initiative attracted the support of several charities including the Samaritans, the Movember Foundation, the Campaign Against Living Miserably and the Mental Health Foundation. Two years later, in 2014, LADbible’s Facebook page had attracted almost two million likes and had more than five million unique visitors each month. Towards the end of 2015, the number of followers on Facebook had grown to 10.6 million – an increase of more than 400%.

“I wasn’t allowed in the office, but they made me write really long articles that weren’t read or published,” he says. “They’d literally disappear into a black hole.” Unilad switched all the bylines on Harry’s stories to the pseudonym “Christopher Blunt”, effectively erasing his entire body of work. Not all of Unilad’s early content was misogynistic. Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour, The Guardian, BBC, Huffington Post and the Independent covered the story, situating it within the bubbling ferment of “lad culture” on university campuses. Spurred by its success and the interactions from all over the world, he launched a new Facebook page, specifically for Australian users, later in the year, making it more relevant to his target audience.

A Big Night Out with… Britain’s Biggest Lads?

One time, someone in the video team dragged a confetti cannon onto the first floor balcony, which looked out over reception, and set it off. “It scared the shit out of the receptionist,” Sara laughs. “It didn’t ever feel like I was going to work. It was always fun. There were times where projects would get you stressed or you’d argue with someone, but 90 percent of the time I absolutely loved it.” Back in June of 2018, few people had any idea of Unilad’s looming catastrophe. Although many of the former staffers I spoke to had gripes about Unilad management and pay, these were also the glory days. After seeking legal advice, Harry took the LADbible job, but he still had to work his notice period.

Although LadBible had its roots in sexist Facebook pages, it long ago reinvented itself as a youth-focused publisher best known for viral social media posts aimed at men and women. Founded in 2012, LADbible Group is redefining entertainment and breaking news for a social generation. Our global community engages with our content–spanning editorial, video, documentary and live – billions of times each and every month. Using all major platforms, we’ve rapidly risen to become one of the web’s most prominent social video publishers. Founded in 2012, LADbible is a social media and entertainment social publisher based in London and Manchester, United Kingdom. The website is co-founded by Alexander “Solly” Solomou and Arian Kalantari and focused on publishing easily shareable clips, pictures, and stories.

Mini media empire

Both publishers competed to corner the banter-industrial complex of the mid-2010s, which usually meant seeing who could be first to publish viral articles about Game of Thrones and chicken nugget festivals. Headspace offers flexible workspaces for the creative, https://bigbostrade.com/ media and technology sectors, taking care of the hassle of running an office so that clients can concentrate on what matters most – running their business. Enjoy vibrant private office suites and thriving coworking space with great value monthly memberships.

Advertisers envy those engagement times and will likely find a way to make in-camera content a cohesive part of a 360 campaign. Alexander studied business management for his graduation at the University of Leeds from 2009 to 2012. While he was at University, Solomou had the idea to start up a social media publishing business. He started his business as The Lad Bible Limited on 3rd April 2012. Then Arian Kalantari joined with Solomou as the director of the business and developed it into a LADbible project. For many publishers however, including Ladbible, Tiktok is a key way to reach coveted younger audiences.

What we don’t want is for the YouTube team to make a great piece of content but one that only ever lives on YouTube. We take clips out and stick that on Instagram, because it’s gonna have a big impact there. I like to think what LADbible does really well is, we have people who are very, very skilled at understanding individual social platforms. And they’re very, very skilled at understanding what an audience wants. We have a company newsletter every Friday, where we put our audience highlights.

The latest entertainment news, TV, showbiz stories and gossip from the UK and worldwide. Viral videos spanning “mesmerising laser tattoo removals” to “using breast milk to make jewellery” have kept audience numbers growing. Yet, filling the void left by lad mags such as Zoo and Nuts has led to controversy.